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Paratrooper in Jerusalem 

In this program, we first meet the legendary Rabbi Yechiel Tukachinsky of Jerusalem (1872-1955) whose encyclopedic work on the Temple Mount is a classic. He shares some shocking insights on Jerusalem and Eretz Yisrael in general, as well as a poignant personal story. Next we meet a 'veteran' of the IDF Paratrooper Brigade who fought in the liberation of the Old City in '67, only to watch 96 of his buddies die in one of Israel's bloodiest single battles. Witness moments of historic flashback as he relives the rich history of the Temple Mount while dodging bullets and wondering just why he's risking his life. For this program, Jewish Crossroads interviewed the son of IDF Paratroop Commander, Colonel Motta Gur, who uttered the electrifying words "Har Habayit B'yadenu', as well as two other paratroopers who were present that day; Brigadier Gen. Uzi Eilam, and Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun.

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