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Phenomenal. The presentations were filled with humor, information, inspiration, and were captivating. and meaningful, well prepared and fascinating. The response from my people of all backgrounds was off the charts. His presentation on the nuclear reactor was breathtaking. 

Rabbi Ilan Feldman

Beth Jacob Synagogue, Atlanta, GA

Our students were gripped by the story and were at the edge of their seats. Shlomo's way of narrating – in the first person as if he were the actor in the story – is unique. He is energetic, articulate and clever making the whole thing a fun  way of learning profound truths. I cannot think of an audience – from teenagers on, and from the unaffiliated to the fully committed – for whom Shlomo would not be suitable."

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein

Educational Director, Neve Yerushalayim, Israel

Meticulously researched, dramatically delivered, and was a very fresh medium for an inspiring and Torah message. Rabbi Horwitz is a master educator and gifted artist. His resonant voice and polished performance captivated the 300 or so people of diverse backgrounds.

Rabbi Menachem Winter

Dean, Great Washington Community Kollel

Rabbi Horwitz had my students mesmerized.  His story was fascinating and his presentation was truly professional.

Mrs. Ettie Rosenbaum

Director, Maalot of Baltimore, Maryland

Clear, innovative and original.The programs were nothing short of outstanding.

Rabbi Menachem Goldberger

Rav, Tiferest Yisrael Synagogue, Baltimore, Maryland

Intriguing, very entertaining and meaningful.

Rabbi Stephen Baars

Executive Director, Aish Seminars

Insights were brought alive using a uniquely creative teaching style that students will find compelling and easy to absorb. I highly recommend this program. 

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.

Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University

"Shlomo was an absolute natural! His enthusiasm and genuineness were infectious; our students couldn't help but be drawn in to the theatrical world he carefully creates!!"

Rabbi Azriel Burnham

Educational Director, Maryland Jewish Experience Maimonides Program, College Park, MD

Rarely does the Jewish community encounter simultaneously such innovation and authenticity.

Moshe Bane

President, Orthodox Union

Your inspirational words strongly impacted on the students and helped create an incredible connection to Judaism that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Rabbi Glenn Black

CEO, NCSY Canada

I personally have found deeper faith in Judaism because of this program.“


Student, Pikesville High School, Baltimore

The presentation was PHENOMENAL. Not only was it creative, but the questions that the content raised were engaging and thought-provoking.


Student, Meor Program, College Park, MD

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