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Raid on Osirak! 

On June 8, 1981, eight F-16's from the Israeli Air Force took off from the Etzion Air Base and flew 600 miles to destroy Saddam's nuclear reactor near Baghdad. It was the only time in history that a nuclear reactor was destroyed. In this presentation we meet Yisrael Shafir, the seventh fighter pilot in the bombing formation, and he tells this frightening tale of war and intrigue, firsthand. Then we meet Rabbenu Bachya ben Asher of 13th century Spain, who shares his insights about man's responsibility for preparing for war despite his faith in the Almighty. After that we hear from Rabbi Moshe Luzzatto of 18th century Italy as he explains the reason we must seriously engage in human effort while maintaining our faith. Potiphar, master of Joseph, appears and shares insights about Joseph's ability to involve the Almighty in his everyday affairs. The presentation concludes with the return of Yisrael Shafir who describes the end of the mission, and then shares shocking and recently declassified information about the raid which brings the Almighty's hidden involvement to light in amazing ways.

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