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Poison Pens 

This program catapults the audience into a true but obscure story that occurred in the 1930's. A famous Nazi Bible scholar named Prof. Erich Bischoff trashed the Talmud in a popular Nazi publication (Der Stuermer), only to end up debating his erstwhile Jewish friend, who just happened to be a brilliant and articulate rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Bloch of Vienna, later of the Bronx, NY. 

Rabbi Bloch systematically tore apart Bischoff's slanderous comments in a way that made front page news in Austria and Germany. Shlomo becomes both characters in this hot debate. Walk away with a new understanding of the the philosophical attacks against Jews that continue into the 21st century, as well as the correct way to understand difficult passages in the Talmud, our national repository of the Torah's wisdom. Don't miss the unforgettable ending!

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