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Holy Ghost

Meet a 'messianic Jew' who will attempt to convince you that his way is the only way to achieve salvation and still remain an observant Jew. Will you fall prey to his compelling logic? The program begins with our good friend Mike Liebowitz who's an unaffiliated Jewish teen who's trying to be a good person and make sense out of life (see more "Mike Liebowitz programs" elsewhere on this page). Mike has been befriended by a campus missionary during a visit to a local university and he is thoroughly confused. The next character is the missionary himself, who engages the audience. This program details some of the sophisticated techniques used by messianic groups to target Jewish youth on campus. Each argument is carefully demolished and the audience is left with a clear understanding of these groups' deceptive tactics. One recent participant, a Reform teen from the backwoods of Southern Virginia, related that he was constantly bombarded by missionaries both in school and in his neighborhood. "I knew it was a crock," he said, "but I didn't know why until I heard this program."

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